Our mission: Analyze, change and track customer experience through evidence-based consulting focused on the key drivers of loyalty and profit.


Analyze your customer data and touchpoints
First, we analyze your customer data and touchpoints to reveal key drivers of satisfaction and loyalty. We do this by examining how your customers interact with your company from both employee and customer perspectives. We map the customer journey and identify the emotions involved, their impact on the organization, and the root causes of satisfaction or dissatisfaction. This is where we discover the why’s behind what customers do and feel – and what we find is often surprising!


Fix the areas of customer experience
Unlike most consultants, we actually implement programs to fix the areas of customer experience that will have the biggest ROI. Based on our newly found understanding of your company’s key drivers of satisfaction and loyalty, we identify the processes and behavioral changes that will increase loyalty and profit. We then affect these changes through integrated internal marketing and training campaigns that focus on changing the behaviors of front-line employees to ensure consistent customer experiences and make every interaction count.


Track results and bottom-line impact
Finally, as your performance partner, we track results and bottom-line impact. We measure the impact our programs are having across your organization and we deliver the information to you through your choice of interactive dashboards, custom analyses and/or executive presentations. We clearly demonstrate improvements in customer experience and satisfaction and, in turn, profitability.
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