Voice of the Customer – Much More Than Surveys

November 9, 2017 By Cindy Grimm

By Cindy Grimm, Chief CX Officer

While many organizations want to hear more of the “voice of the customer” and quickly launch surveys to gather that feedback, few actually reap the benefit of that data in a way that increases customer satisfaction and more importantly increases customer engagement and loyalty.  With today’s easy-to-use survey tools, anyone can create and distribute a survey and run tables, but few see value.

Our research, in partnership with Voice Crafter, through the 2017 Voice of the Customer Practices and Effectiveness Study, identifies key factors that lead to an effective Voice of the Customer Practice.

The research, with 289 companies nationwide across a variety of industries, targeted individuals who are primarily responsible for managing their organizations VoC program or are members of a team that provide support to VoC users/stakeholders.

We asked managers to describe the methods they use to capture VoC and to assess the overall success of their programs in:

  • Achieving program goals and objectives,
  • Enabling the organization to improve customer experiences, and
  • Helping the organization achieve desired financial and business results.

Most characterized their program as “somewhat successful”, with less than 10% saying the program is “very successful”.  What can organizations do to move closer to a “very successful” program?  Our research suggests that practices fall into ten basic categories:

  1. Senior sponsorship and support of the VoC program
  2. Organizational engagement and buy-in with regard to the VoC program
  3. Methods of customer listening and learning
  4. Customer experience metrics and targets
  5. Analysis and integration of all VoC data
  6. Access to and dissemination of VoC data and insights
  7. Use of VoC to respond to and manage individual customer relationships
  8. Use of VoC to develop managers, employees and partners
  9. Use of the VoC to drive systemic improvement
  10. VoC program sustainability

So, obviously more than just sending surveys.  Over the next few weeks we will be posting more information about the results of our research and how organizations can build truly effective VoC programs that drive business results.

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