Introducing CX Act!

February 19, 2014 By Crystal Collier

blog_writer_crystal2Today we announced a series of changes to strengthen our brand in the customer experience (CX) marketplace and better serve our clients.

We are incredibly excited to share this news with you—we don’t know of anyone else in the industry doing what we do. We analyze customer and employee research to guide employee-facing programs that deepen emotional connections, transform front-line interactions and improve the bottom line.


But, let’s start with our new brand…

We’ve been around since 1971 as pioneers in the science of identifying and quantifying improvements in customer satisfaction. We’ve helped hundreds of companies and brands understand the importance of customer service performance, customer value, and the significance of CX excellence.

One of our first pieces of business was a study commissioned by the White House to examine customer service complaint handling. Ironically, it was also the White House that got us re-thinking our name; remember the good ol’ Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) back in 2008? Umm, yes, so do we.

But our new brand does more than disassociate us from that controversial piece of legislation. It better reflects our focus on high-caliber customer experience for clients.

It also brings to life our desire to spark action and change the way companies engage with customers. There’s profit locked in the actions of employees!

Our sub-brand, “Gather Knowledge. Take Action,” leverages the science, analytics, data, and research offerings—things that we invented and refined over the years—and pairs it with our behavioral programs to create a unique array of services that optimize CX investments.


With our new brand comes new leadership…

Appointing Jim Stone, Ph.D. to the newly created position of Chief Customer Officer (CCO) is just as exciting to me as our new brand! Jim has the mandate and power to design, orchestrate, and improve our offerings. He will be working closely with me and the rest of the team to ensure that the company executes on our core mission: driving profitable customer behavior by improving loyalty, satisfaction, and retention.

Jim joins us after serving 28 years at Maritz Research, most recently as Chief Research and Innovation Officer. He’s done so many great things throughout his 30-year career. But, I believe the best is yet to come!


So, what’s next?

With this new brand and new leadership, we just had to have a new strategy to help us reach companies that care about their CX. And who doesn’t these days? CX—a $1B industry—is on fire and projected to grow upwards of 20% annually.

That new strategy includes increasing our presence in the industry…our speaking engagements, our publishing, our own studies, and so much more.

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2 thoughts on “Introducing CX Act!”

  1. We have done some Canadian Mystery Shopping for TARP in the past and are always open to pass along recommendations to our own clients. I’d be interested in knowing what you feel differentiates you from all others (e.g. “we don’t know of anyone else in the industry doing what we do”).


    1. Crystal Collier says:

      Hi Sharon,
      The reason we consider ourselves unique is because we consider more than just the numbers. We combine the data (like csat scores, mystery shopping, operational data, etc), customer journey, and emotional interaction with a brand to deliver internal marketing communication campaigns that create sustainable change in employee behavior, increase customer satisfaction and ultimately drive revenue.