CX Structure is a Critical Component of VoC Program Success

December 14, 2018 By CX Act


A Formalized CX Structure is a Critical Component of
VoC Program Success

As my colleague pointed out in a
recent post (see Technology Alone Won’t Solve
Your CX Problem
!), organizations are collecting more and more data,
but many reap limited value from that data.  In fact, in a recently conducted
benchmarking study on Voice of Customer
, CX Solutions found that organizations are most successful
at “collecting data” and least successful at “using VoC to drive systemic

There are two general types of actions
that can be driven off of VoC data.  Bain & Company refers to these as the
“inner loop” and the “outer loop.”  The “inner loop” is following up on
specific issues with

specific customers, resulting in immediate feedback and coaching of
employees.  Today’s robust VoC technologies are facilitating the ability to
easily implement this inner loop through permission-based dashboards and
immediate alerts pushed to the front line. Thus, our research shows that
organizations are increasingly doing a better job of implementing this inner
loop.  However, we have seen little movement in organizational success with

“outer loop”; that is, “using VoC to drive systemic improvement.”

There are multiple reasons for
this lack of success in driving systemic change based on customer feedback, but
one main reason is that the organization often doesn’t have an intentional
structure and process to drive that action. The bulk of the attention is on the
“inner loop” which, by its very nature, is segmented by division or channel,
with nothing in place that provides for an enterprise-wide review of data to
identify and prioritize actions that will drive systemic change.

A best practice structure that drives action consists of multiple
organizational levels, each with a specific role, but all aligned on customer
experience improvement.

Although the structures can vary
across organizations, two important elements at the management level are
designated local “CX Champions” and a “Customer Experience Council”.

“CX Champions” or individuals in each
function/department/area that are tasked with regularly reviewing customer data
for their area, pulling in associated operational data, and identifying high
priority opportunities for improvement.

A “Customer Experience Council” is a group of managers
(normally includes the CX Champions), from each of the disparate
customer-facing departments or groups, that meets on a regular basis
(weekly/monthly/ quarterly) to:

Work together to improve the end-to-end customer experience by
jointly identifying gaps and overlaps and ensure everyone understands
inter-dependencies between departments and the effect on the customer experience

Review customer data and agree to measures when making decisions
to improve the experience

Prioritize customer experience improvement activities and

Initiate and support action planning on identified priorities

A Customer Experience Council
should be set up carefully, with a clear charter and governance structure,
executive sponsorship and attendance, and defined actions and budget.

To summarize, for a successful
Voice of the Customer (VoC) program, you must have an organizational structure
in place to support data review across the customer journey and across
organizational silos and that can drive systemic changes. Designating CX
Champions and the formation of a Customer Experience Council is critical for
this process.

Cynthia Grimm

Chief CX Officer


Note: CX Solutions is a CX Research and Consultancy firm
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, where we assist companies with program design, Customer Journey
Mapping, engagement and communication strategies as part of the launch of new
programs, implementation of the new technology, and ongoing management and
consultative assistance in terms of actioning the results.  For more
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